Friday, May 1, 2009

Part 8 HIV Multiple choice questions

36q: Usually the heterosexual transmission of HIV is rare when the infected partner has a plasma level of _____________ copies of HIV RNA per milliliter ?

a. less than 1000
b. less than 1500
c. less than 2000
d. less than 2500

37q: the rate of HIV transmission per coital act was highest during ?

a. early stage of HIV infection
b. advanced stage of HIV infection
c. both early and advanced stages
d. in the middle stages of HIV infection

38q: find the false statement ?

a. male circumcision is associated with a lower risk of HIV infection among men
b. use of oral contraceptives is associated with increased risk of HIV infection
c. adolescent girls are less susceptible to infection than other aged women
d. oral sex is much less efficient mode of transmission of HIV than is receptive anal intercourse

39q: why is the use of oral contraceptives associated with an increased incidence of HIV infection ?

Answer: drugs in OCPs induce certain changes in cervical mucosa, rendering it more vulnerable to penetration by viruses .

40q: Transfusion of which of the following is associated with transmission of HIV infection ?

a. hyperimmune gamma globulin
b. hepatitis B immune globulin
c. plasma derived hepatitis B vaccine
d. Rho immune globulin
e. Platelets