Friday, May 1, 2009

Part 3 HIV Multiple choice questions

11q: what is DC-SIGN ?

Answer: certain dendritic cells express a diversity of C-type lectin receptors on their surface, one of which is called DC-SIGN, that also binds with high affinity to the HIV gp120 envelope protein, allowing dendritic cell to facilitate the binding of HIV virus to the CD4+ T cell upon engagement of dendritic cells with CD4+ T cells .

12q: what is TRIM5-ALPHA ?

Answer: it is a cytoplasmic protein found in rhesus macaque cells which blocks SIV
( simian immunodeficiency virus ) replication at a point shortly after the virus fuses with the host cell .

13q: what is the human form of TRIM5-ALPHA ?

a. cyclophilin A
b. cyclophilin B
c. cyclophilin C
d. cyclophilin D

14q: what are the proteins in humans that bind to nascent reverse transcripts and deaminate viral cytidine , causing hypermutation of HIV genomes and inhibits progression of virus infection after virus has entered the cell ?

a. TRIM5-ALPHA protein
b. Cyclophilin
c. APOBEC proteins
d. All the above

15q: what is the powerful strategy evolved by HIV to protect itself from the APOBEC proteins ?

a. the viral protein Vif targets APOBEC for proteasomal degradation
b. the viral protein Vpu targets APOBEC for proteasomal degradation
c. the viral protein Vpx targets APOBEC for proteasomal degradation
d. the viral protein Vpr targets APOBEC for proteasomal degradation

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