Saturday, May 2, 2009

Causes of Bone marrow suppression in HIV infection

General causes :

1. HIV infection itself
2. Mycobacterial infections
3. Fungal infections
4. B19 Parvovirus infection
5. Lymphoma 

Drugs used in HIV patient which cause Bone marrow suppression :

1. Zidovudine
2. Dapsone
3. trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole
4. Pyrimethamine
5. 5-Flucytosine
6. Ganciclovir
7. Interferon-alpha
8. Trimetrexate
9. Foscarnet 

Part 14 HIV Multiple choice questions

66q: what is most common manifestation of pulmonary disease in HIV infected patients ?

a. pneumonia
b. carcinoma
c. bronchiectasis
d. asthma

67q: what is the treatment of choice for severe pneumocystis carinii disease in a patient unable to tolerate TMP/SMX ?

a. intravenous pentamidine
b. intravenous dapsone
c. intravenous clindamycin
d. intravenous primaquine

68q: what is the most common presentation of syphilis in HIV-infected patient ?

a. lues maligna
b. condyloma lata
c. neurosyphilis
d. none

69q: all of the following are causes of bone marrow suppression in patients with HIV infection except ?

a. HIV infection itself
b. Mycobacterial infections
c. Fungal infections
d. B19 parvovirus infections
e. Lymphoma
f. All the above

70q: all of the following medications used in an HIV patient cause bone marrow suppression except ?

a. zidovudine
b. tenofovir
c. ganciclovir
d. interferon-alpha
e. foscarnet