Thursday, April 30, 2009

Part 1 HIV Multiple chioce questions

1q: HIV belongs to which family of viruses ?

a. retroviridae
b. reoviridae
c. calci viruses
d. picorna viruses

2q: HIV belongs to which subfamily of viruses ?

a. papova viruses
b. pox viruses
c. herpes viruses
d. lenti viruses

3q: any HIV infected individual with a CD4+ T cell count of less than ___________
Has AIDS by definition ?

a. less than 200/microliter
b. less than 250/microliter
c. less than 300/microliter
d. less than 150/microliter

4q: which of the following does not belong to the retroviridae family ?

a. HTLV-1
b. HTLV-2
c. HIV-1
d. HIV-2
e. CMV

5q: which of the following is the most common cause of HIV disease throughout the world ?

a. HIV-1
b. HIV-2
c. Both of them have equal incidence
d. HTLV-1

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